Monday, 28 September 2015

A change of plans for the CE-RX

Its been awhile since i've posted on my blog, i took a little break so hence the lack of updates, but during that time i've had time to think about my current chassis, the doripake was changed over form the kazama to the JECT RACING but now i've decided to take another approach to it so its been pulled apart and in pieces. So with the DP out of action it was the perfect time to wake up the wolf from hibernation but once again i was making the decision to make some changes to the CERX.

In my last post about the cerx i was jumping to run it as HCS ... but there was a problem!! ... my local track is hell bent on RWD and finding another driver to HCS with was never gonna happen, more and more drivers are converting over to RWD so it didn't make sense to keep the cerx in HCS mode, what i decided to do with the cerx has made me super happy about making that decision.



Being a variant of the R31 style chassis like OTA, KAZAMA the TS conversion transform the cerx into a 3 belt, vertical battery layout chassis

The complete conversion looks more MAJESTIC than the standard CERX layout.

-Sanwa Super Vortex ZERO
-Sanwa SRG-BLS V2 servo
-Sanwa SGS-01D gyro
-Keyence luxon bs dual 10.5t motor
-122t spur 64pitch
-26t pinion 64pitch
-FDR 8.34
-DS racing FFF ZERO all around

Low but setup for squat in the rear.

For rwd i had to change up the front suspension system, so instead of going for the usual i decided on some tatsuken ashi V2 from Addiction, these things are freaking amazing and i couldn't be any happier with how this item is setup and the lock it gave me without a lot of fuss.

Tatsuken ashi allows for the easy change of settings for the track width/caster/KPI/trail all via the use of spacers, its some very advance and expensive suspension and i absolutely love em.

The lock i get out of these is amazing so i thought i'd give up my current settings for the tatsuken since there's a few settings to choose from when fiddling around with it


-30mm extended lower arm
-21mm extended upper mount

CASTER: 8.8 deg
KPI: 8 deg
TRAIL: 0.85mm
TOE OUT: 1 deg
TOE LINK HOLE: lowest most inner hole to the chassis 

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