Monday, 9 November 2015


I've been waiting for a few bits and pieces along with some new acuvance electronics to finish this build and while i do so its given me time to really look at my steering setup, this VX dock has taken a lot more work to get the steering how i like it due to the design of the slide rack system for 1. the slide rack is not long enough and 2. the throw is a little short compared to other slide racks that i've used, it was a bit of a pain at first but i was able to finally get the setup to my own standards squeezing the most out of this design.

Current settings:

0-1 degree toe out at neutral
6 degree KPI
10 degree camber
top middle hole on knuckle
bottom middle hole on knuckle
inner middle hole toe-link on knuckle
upper outer hole on VX slide rack

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