Thursday, 10 December 2015

NERVIS had its first few runs ..

The nervis has had its first few runs and as much i'd of liked it to have been perfect it never really is and so once again it begins to extract the full potential of the chassis, i'm going to try and have a main chassis that i can concentrate on over the next few months and this machine is it, there lots of potential to be made of this machine and i wanna push it to its limits. But like any other new machine your gonna run into issues as you tune your way through it's system trying to find that perfect balance. 

below are a few i encountered 

My first issues was more of a dislike for my original battery layout position, above the spur pushed close up against the rear shock tower, maybe it was me but the weight shift thing just doesn't quite match the track we drift at for this machine, but as you can see i'm still very much a fan of the rear bias setup, compared to my kazama DP i had the battery mounted as low as possible but i've managed to push up the battery mount higher just a tad closer to the magnet body mounts, it did it this way to help the weight give more down force as i accelerate and as gravity forces the weight to fall.

Roll mod in the front using an old system from back in my CS days, in the rear i have a mono shock setup to work together with my 2 outer shocks, so for the front i was looking for a similar roll system but i find a mono shock for the front wasn't what i was looking for, 2 shocks are better than 1 i say, this roll system allows me to use the shocks full complete stroke and without giving the springs any pre-load, so i can setup the front shocks how i want them and let them do there work with full rebound and dampening and height adjustment is easy via way of the turnbuckle, something that you would usually adjust with giving the springs some pre-load. The next step is now find something in BLACK, but for now this will do.

One of my main issues was my front steering, you can never know how things will work out with your initial setup until you actually put it down on the track and only then will you start to notice things aren't right, i was experiencing some binding issues with my steering setup, the length of the lower arms, upper arms and toe links just working in unison and at full lock my LCA's were being pulled upwards and my front nose was diving every time i went to full lock in my drift .. ANNOYING!! i thought i was going to make some major adjusting to the front end but luckily enough the adjustments i made were small and if not gave my front end some new life ... i lessened the front camber and then added 2mm spacers on the knuckles at the toe-links and for some reason it also reduced my ackerman, as you can see in the picture above ... HAPPY DAYS :)


Finding the right gearing was a must, i've always used 10.5t motors in the past and even through out my CS days, but i've learnt is that it's not necessary, a 13.5t motor is actually more than enough for our local track, we use super slippery tires for a slippery track so there has to be a balance of good wheels speed but with maximum power so gearing is important, i've geared for around about a 9ish fdr ... i tried 10 but there was some loss of power at certain parts of my drift from lap after lap and i couldn't generate enough wheel speed to initiate my drift if i lost it and it ended up making me go straight at times.

So until next time ....

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    can you post full spec list for this build?