Wednesday, 24 December 2014

And so it begins ...

This will be my first post ever on my NEW blog..

This is something that i'm pretty new to but was always intrigued by, i always read other blogs taking in info and learning and so i've decided to take up a new interest for the New Year hoping to share all my encounters and experiences with what i love and enjoy about RC DRIFT and all things related.


So i recently picked up the new Doripake conversion by Kazama Auto D-link ...

-Spidercks GS-XR-

*3mm main chassis carbon lower deck.
*Newly designed aluminium centre brace layout.
*Black anodised motor mount, floating servo mount, F + R suspension blocks.
*3mm suspension pins.
*Slide rack
*Ball cap ends

This thing looks amazing it reminds me of the imadoki conversion as they don't use the front and rear chassis braces, being the second doripake conversion for me my previous was the RC926 2.3mm set a slightly more wider lower deck. The one thing that i can say and what i found very strange is i noticed that there were bearings missing for the 3 piece slide rack set but after read the manual it states that they aren't included and must be supplied. Thought it was kinda wierd!!

I got most of the parts sorted out for the GS-XR using all sustex parts, sustex is a division Kazama Auto, the rest of the other parts will have to wait since the suppliers in Japan go on holiday till the 4th of January 2015, so i'll have to wait untill i can make another order through Motokazu Ando from Team Tetsujin since i don't use japanese rc online stores anymore.

I'm gonna take my time with this build since i'm having way too much fun with my D-Like, but i will definitely have a detailed and descriptive thread as i progress through this build just to keep you interested.

See you in the New Year and have a happy and safe Merry Christmas.


  1. Welcome to the blog world. Might need some front and rear Kazama gear cases for my imadoki to finish it off..

    1. Hey Russ,
      Thanks for the welcoming, if it wasn't for the extensive reading sessions of yours and MadhouseRc (sunny) blog i wouldn't of been inspired to start blogging.