Monday, 29 December 2014

Kazama Auto GS-XR - B3 Spec - stage 1

Had some time over the weekend to start putting a few bits and pieces together on the GS-XR.
Everything in all black is such a beautiful thing to look at
"Basic Black Beautiful"
(B3 Spec)

Front bumper is a little skinnier than what i'm used to but it still looks good with the laser etching sustex print on the bumper.

An interesting centre bone piece slots into the main carbon fibre deck like a puzzle piece and is held down at either end.

I love the fact that this was included in the conversion package a
 3 piece floating servo mount with the laser etching GSXR printed onto it looks good. 

Like the old kazama auto drift package motor mount, this one looks just as awesome with the cut-out patterns in the mount, i'm loving the look of this.

This conversion doesn't use the traditional drift package mounting hole positions for the rear-rear and front-front suspension mounts but rather uses the R31 style mounting position.

kazama auto designed open diff casing, similar to WUN
this thing look so great inperson .. NO OVERDOSE cases need here!.

Rather than alloy shock towers, check out the 5mm thickness of these bad boy kazama auto carbon fibre shock towers that i've chosen to use to keep things in unison. I do love the fact that i can build a full option kazama/sustex DP.

Just a mock up of the front end and things are look so good right now.


  1. Hey SwerV! Great write up, I love the black on black finish and chamfered edges on the aluminium parts, and that unique center stiffener bone is just wild! One question, does this conversion fit all aftermarket Doripake parts if one would wish not to go full Sustex option?

    1. This conversion accommodates all DORIPAKE aftermarket parts, although some of the parts that come with this conversion or not so interchangable with other doripake parts, the suspension blocks are R31 style, the steering is only for the kazama slide rack and can't be changed and no other doripake motor mount can be used either.