Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kazama additions

 Damper rebuild

I had ordered the tamiya TRF HL cylinders awhile ago but since the rc art cylinder spring adjustment nut didn't fit i ordered and waited for a replacement.

The rc art colur change kit for TRF was sold out so a quick call out to Ando-san for a swift order.

 i went a head and disassembled the rc art dampers.

 Then i set it up all again but this time ready for the TRF HL cylinders.

 Standard green slime.

 Into the bottom of the HL cylinders the kyosho o-rings go.

 And success, some even better looking dampers.

 From the front.

From the back.

Theres another addition to the kazama.

I mention in another post a while back that i wasn't to happy about the thin upper deck .... well!! so i went and bought another 2 and made it thicker.

 A WUN short battery mount and brace and a R31 short battery holder, makes up my new battery position.

pics below are for reference no need for words coz you already know!!! :)

 Clean and easy custom mod!!

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