Friday, 27 February 2015

Yokomo JZX100 FNATZ mark2 - details for the final look

 Final touches

This is prolly the first time ive ever taken my time with painting a shell and i'm finding that masking is a skill on its own.

A few layers of black and then i thin layer of flat clear.

This is most decent window trimming i've ever done but it didn't come up as good as i wanted, the front and rear windows trims came out thinner than i liked and i guess i should of painted it black on the inside as well like everyone told me to .. haha .. oh well just gotta practice more.

Next up was 2-3 layers of smoke for tint.

After all the paint dries all that left are the details.

-OD 3D JZX100 MK2 decals
-Yokomo intercooler
-Yokomo alloy wing stays
-Speed way pal twin muffler
-Fnatz light buckets
-body lines

Pics below show the MK2 95% done .. enjoy!!

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