Sunday, 15 March 2015

kazama tuning day 1

 Kazama tuning Doripake Style

Today i took the kazama out for its first run at the track, oh how i miss the feel of the drift package, the more rear weight bias setup and the added weight shift mod felt nice, atm the moment i'm running no extra weight and it still feels great, i'm gonna see how i go tuning the kazama with out weight atm. I use DS RACING SERIES II FFF ZERO's in the rear which is there hardest compound and i'm running there RWD F1's up front for front grip control. What i'm also try out is the feel of the gyro up front just behind the shock towers, compared to my usual placements in the middle of the chassis i do feel the difference and feels like the the car is pivoting more around the font of the chassis ... we'll see how we go with more testing. 

 Custom battery mounting, looks clean.

 sanwa was the ESC of choice again but this time i went for the vortex zero .. same same but different
i hardly use the rev limiter on the my type D so this one wouldn't be much of change, i just love the the fact that you can change any esc settings at the touch of a button without having to pitt your car.

 I love how i was able to bring that servo mount back into the chassis, i wasn't a fan of it poking out the side of the chassis, no extra holes were drilled either .. hehe.

 One thing that i've been enjoying lately is how i setup my front geometry to run flat front tires, DS RACING AUSTRLIA don't have CG tires so as my sponsor its what i get. The world of a difference compared to CG is a good feeling when drifting and looks real like 1:1, just enough camber, caster, KPI and trial to get that front lead wheel to get the most contact patch on full lock

my lead wheel sit flat on lock


  1. Would i be able to fit the weight-shift mount to my RC926 DP? Thought you'd be the one to ask, as you actually owned one once :P

  2. With the rights parts you can definitely fit the is MOD, you'll need a more solid upper deck and the WUN shorty lipo battery holder kit.