Monday, 9 March 2015

Yokomo GP sports 180sx - update

Minty Fresh!!

So this is the current state of my latest project, it came out better than i imagined, some of the details really put my skills to the test so there's a few minor things that i wasn't happy with, building shells hasn't really been my forte in rc drift ... but i'm actually starting to like it even more so .. better skills comes with more practice.

The process...

Masking for hours and hours!!

The window trim from the inside was the first to be blasted.

The main colour chosen for this project
tamiya PS-54 cobalt green

Speed way pal aero side-mirrors are the first to get blasted with the cobalt green.

A closer look, that flat colour looks amazing.

The rear bumper gets blasted with black PS-5 on the inside and then a thin coat of flat clear PS-55 on the outside and the rear bumper canards get the cobalt green treatment.

Waiting for the shoe goo to dry placing the canards on the rear bumper.

Since these canards were painted from the inside i went over the cobalt green with a black POSCA brush tip paint marker, it gives a flat black finish to blend in with the flat black bumper.


Finally got to blast the 180sx with the cobalt green.

When you peel back that film layer and the colours just POPS!!!

These got flat black paint from the outside .. i didn't want to use the stickers for these parts and i think that this detail looks way better.

Prepping for the d-craft pop up head lights.

Place the bumper and the rear wing.

 Final mock up.

Chrome OVERDOSE WORK VS KF look gooood on the 180sx.

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