Sunday, 15 March 2015

OVERDOSE OD1581 high performance damper set

Is this the future of high end performance parts???

I had the liberty of building overdoses new high performance damper set, although this isn't mine for the keeping my team mate let me build it and take some pics to show what this high end part is all about.

Now i've build and rebuild dampers a BUUUUNCH of times but this thing is nuts, imagine trying to rebuild this thing but wow! just like any other OD parts in the market this one is no different, the quality of this is outrageous ... very super high end. 

The pics below show that nothing is a miss when it comes to there famous quality laser etching OVERDOSE.

Spring cup.

Top cap.

It truly is.

Adjustment ring.

A super high end tool.

pics below are a reference of the build process.

Beautifully coated damper cylinders, would of been cool if the OD laser etching were on the cylinders too.


So long and farewell my beauties it was great while it lasted.

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