Thursday, 29 January 2015

GSX-R up-date

Kazama Auto Japan

Putting the rear drive system together i had to use the tail-slider spur gear holder because the kazama one i had originally purchased didn't fit, but until i find another alternative this will have to do, i really wanted to use as much Kazama/Sustex parts as possible in this build ... hmmm.

For the rear i've chosen to use the kazama 1.25cs gears joint with the kazama steel spool/out-drives, this will give the rotational mass i'm looking for and give me some hard rolling.

Using d-like rear adjustable universals for a little bit more added rotational mass, if only kazama made some heavier one's .. haha.

The 80t spur was rubbing up against the top deck so i had to space it up 3mm for clearance, some yokomo counter sunk spacers for a bit of detail.

11mm kazama steel spacer to widen the front track width to bulldog stance, about 220mm wide when i use +5 off set wheels.

Sustex front knuckle with trail settings.

The front and rear knuckles use the same size bearings and axle which made things a little easier so all fours get the same treatment rc art rubber seal bearings, kazama auto axles, kazama auto hex hubs and active hobby wheel nuts.


With the slide rack supplied by the conversion i was a bit skeptical on how much adjustment it would give me for my front geometry, but after some small minor adjustments i was able to achieve so gooood lock, we'll see what its like after we throw on the dampers and some wheels.

I'm actually quite disappointed by the upper, its very thin at 1mm so i may have to look into buying an extra one or maybe 2 extra ones and make it 3mm, just to give the chassis a tad bit more stiffness.

So its coming together quite nicely but the more i build it and the more i look at it the chassis seems to be far from a traditional looking drift package, even though it is a conversion for the yokomo shaft chassis theres nothing yokomo about it, well to me that is.

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