Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Something new this year

 "Care Package"

So a good friend of mine recently came to me with a super awesome idea of making a team of drivers sponsored by DS RacingAustralia, how could i say NO, for one i'm supporting a local business and two DS tires are a great product so i wouldn't mind getting care packages like this. I've tried DS tires in the past and i did enjoy them but since most of crew all ran speedline tires it was only natural to be running the same as everyone for consistency in speed, now i've got a whole bunch of other compounds to test that i have never ran before so i'm hoping to get other tires out there on the track for everyone to try and hopefully get DS out there again like it once was.

"Scale Speed"

As of late me and the other members of one10 have been trying to create a sense of realism with our drifting when it comes to speed, a slower but much smoother transitions in speeds and using less aggressive angles, over the past few months we have been testing out some HDPE tire compounds in the rear, according to DS these Competition II CS FF ZERO tires are the closes to HDPE, so for my first test run i'll be checking these out.

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