Sunday, 11 January 2015


Lets get ready for RWD D1GP .....

So i got to RC WONDERLAND at about 11am and as soon a walked in the atmosphere was just about perfect for good day of rwd rc sliding, the competition started at 12 so i took the time to meet and greet some of our visitors that had come from afar and do some last minute organising.


This is where i hone my skills on a weekly basis but today was a day dedicated to rwd rc with friends local and interstate, it was awesome getting to talk face to face with guys that i have only talked to on FB, it was great meeting you Wes Hawley(GCRC), Chevy Rameka(Monash Melb), Phil Bartlett(Newcastle) and Scott Warren(Perth Ausdrift).

"Street style"

Before the track would get invaded by the drivers and before practice time started i used this quiet time and some good day light to take this hard park slam stance of my JZX Mark II on my new shoes, White OVERDOSE WORK Emotion CR-Kai taken out especially for this day.


Some nice looking trophies for our winners to make this event official and can i also add that this comp was Australia's first ever RWD series which was to encourage all of our interstate rwd friends and not just local ... and it was a HUGE!! success.

Along with these trophies went some amazing prizes for each our winners and other categories which came from our major sponsors OOSPEED and Rare Arts Hobbyshop.

"Sweet major prize"

One of the major prizes for the comp was this super amazing Datsun 240z created and designed by one our sponsors Rare Arts Hobby Shop from over in Malaysia. Rare arts hobby shop specialises in designing RAT style shells, Apizzero being the master mind behind the work.

This Datsun really does look amazing in person the work done on this actually makes you think that this is real rusted metal.

For the 'Best Drift Shell' category we had a RUST IS NOT A CRIME t-shirt for the winner.

"RWD slide armada"

An amazing 16 drivers competed in the series and the level of each driver was not the same, we had some seasoned drivers to novice to even a 7yr old, but all in all it was a fun slide for each one of them and such a amazing experience for everyone there.

 "Roll call"

At 12pm the comp started with some practice time so drivers could get a feel for the track and do some last minute changes and adjustments get to get that perfect tune for battle mode, at 3pm we started the real deal, GAME FACES ON!!! .... The judges firstly did a tire check to make sure the control tire was being used for the rear (speedline CG2) and that the front tire was any tire you desired but no rubber compounds were allowed.

"Best drift chassis"

First category for the day was the BEST DRIFT CHASSIS and these 4 machines were chosen by the judges. Yes my D-like HYBIRD made the cut, the other three chassis are:

-Eagle racing r31 rwd custom weightshift de-anodised
-Yokomo drift master ject rwd
-Outclip drift package coversion

Can you guess who the winner was .... ??? i'll tell you later on.


The line

The qualifying runs would determine where we would sit in the line up and who we would battle it out with in the tsuiso runs. We were only given 2 runs the first was a warm-up the second would count and judges would score you from angle initiation, hitting every clipping point, correction, consistent speed and consistent angle throughout your drift.

My qualifying run

 Group A

 Group B


2 groups for the tsuiso battle saw each of us go head to head in a knock out style tandem battle, i got 3rd best qualifier of the day. Each group would be cut down from 8 to 4 after the first round, unfortunately i was knocked out in my tsuiso run by hitting the lead car at the first clipping point even though i had a smooth run as lead car i had already set my demise, it must of been nervs as i forgot to hit brake after entering the initiation point i was going to fast and the lead car slowed down for the first clipping point and i ran straight into his rear end ... oh well!! the rest of the day was still exciting as the next rounds got very interesting.

"The great 8"

The second round saw these 8 go head to head again in another elimination round where some serious drifting and nervs were involved which saw some of the battles go the death match mode to secure the last 2 final spots.

If you haven't noticed, Adison Topalian is the 7yr that you see who made it to the top 8, now this kid can drive.


The final saw Wandi from ONE10.RCDT and Dharvin from DOOR HUNTERS go head to head in a sudden death match tsuiso battle that was the most nerv wrecking experience for all of us. These 2 had numerous sudden death match rounds before the judges made a final call, Dharvin from Melbourne taking the win ... what a champ and both drifters showed such amazing driving skill.

At the end of the day it was all about fun and what a day everyone had, all in all the competition was a success the guys form Melbourne had a blast and so did Wes, Phil had a great time only just starting to rwd not to long before the comp, such a solid performance from every driver.

Before the track was opened again for some free time the trophies, awards and prizes were given out.

 Best drift shell - (Chevi) Hori Dori Rameka (got the RUST IS NOT A CRIME t-shirt)

 Best drift chassis - Jonathan Entero

 3rd place - Jonathan Entero

 Top qualifierIswandi Sentosa

 Champion - Dharvin (winner of the rare arts shell)
Runner up - Iswandi

Encouragement award - Adison Topalian

Adison's tsuiso battle that got him into top 8.

Always keeping drifting fun

These guys did an amazing job but man did they have some super tuff decisions to make, i actually would of hated to do what they did. Thanks guys
.Dagul Rc - ONE10.RCDT founder
.Tony Topalian - owner of Apex hobbies/part owner Rc Wonderland 

Jonathan's winning chassis, now this may not be a full of overdose or may not be bling'd out to what the rc drift community defines as a bling chassis with high end brands ... but what this shows is one's personal custom style and the effort that was put into it to make it his own and to the judges that was the best drift chassis.

This is Jonathan's custom painted Sanwa MT4, now after taking this shot i noticed a combining colour scheme going on with the solo can, remote and hazard tape. 

Jonathan's custom skill work continue's onto his toyota 86, check out all the detail's.

My nice new white shoes nicely tucked under there.

one10 always like to hard park.

Here's a close look at Chevi's winning bosozuko race spec style shell.

 Dharvin's R32 GTS

the stangs where out but this particular beauti was owned by Wes from GCRC.

This amazing machine and its master designer/builder graced us with his drift bike, does anybody recognise it .... ???

At the end of the day its all about kdf and nothing is complete with out a group shot with all our interstate folks, rc drift is such an amazing hobby because of the friends that you make from around the country and around the globe, such and enthusiastic bunch of dedicated rwd sliders, lets keep the scene growing.

 Finally ONE 10 RC DRIFT TEAM thanks everyone for there involvement and support to help push and evolve the rc drift scene here in australia. 

Tony, Erick(DagulRC), Me(Swerv), Iswandi