Thursday, 1 January 2015

Kazama doripake UPDATE!!


I was able to add a few more bits and pieces to my build over the New Year break. These are the last few pieces i had left, I've got one more order to make to complete this build, just a few more bits and pieces to finish it off, but i'll have to wait until next week to place it since most of the suppliers in Japan are on a short holiday, they'll be back on the 4th of January so it shouldn't be long now.

Kazama battery holder looks cool.

Kazama slide rack is guided by 3 bearings similar to my D-like slide rack, the mount position is pretty low at this point so i may have to space it up abit later on down the track to eliminate some bump steer.

SUSTEX front lower y-arms look pretty good, very different to the WUN ones that i normally use to so hopefully clearance won't be an issue, if thats the case its back to WUN lower arms but i'm hoping that these will work and i won't have to resort to buying the WUN ones. 

SUSTEX rear lower arms and rear knuckles, these look great as well, i'm going for a tradition rear setup instead of the 'lever suspension' that i'd normally have, although i do have some d-like lever suspension knuckles for a backup incase this setup doesn't serve me well. One thing i love about the sustex knuckles is the flat outer side of the knuckles, means i won't run into any rubbing issues when i use the alloy hub disc brakes.

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